Carpenter Ant Removal in Cocoa, Rockledge, Melbourne & Titusville, FL & the Surrounding Areas

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If your home or office has been taken over by carpenter ants, contact All Brevard Termite & Pest Control ASAP. These pests are known to attack wood that is or has been wet. Once they infest an area, they'll begin to make your property their home by making paths through wood. If not cared for properly, carpenter ants can cause severe property damage.

Don't let the structural integrity of your building suffer because of a carpenter ant infestation. Call a reliable carpenter ant removal service in Cocoa, Rockledge, Melbourne, FL, today to remove the ants and protect your structure.

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Signs you need to schedule carpenter ant removal services

If your home or office is infested with carpenter ants, you might not know until it's too late. Carpenter ants often enter buildings through cracks in windows, doors and other holes on your property, which makes them difficult to detect.

If you live in an area where carpenter ants are prevalent, you should be on the lookout for signs of carpenter ants, such as:

  1. Small piles of sawdust or holes in and around the wood in your building
  2. Rustling sounds within your walls
  3. Existing wood damage

If you notice any of these issues in your home or office, call us today at 321-427-0676. Our ant removal team in Cocoa, Rockledge, and Melbourne, FL is standing by to fight against the army of carpenter ants on your property.