Do You Have Bees Buzzing Too Close for Comfort?

Do You Have Bees Buzzing Too Close for Comfort?

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Did you know that bees are responsible for the cross-pollination of 30% of the world's crops and 90% of plants?

Bees play a special role in the ecosystem-and, unfortunately, the bee population is declining. For that reason, bees that are no threat to humans should be respected and left alone to thrive. However, if your family is dealing with a bee sting allergy or bees have infiltrated your home, something needs to be done.

All Brevard Termite & Pest Control understands the importance of responsible bee control. If you are concerned about bees living too close to your dwelling space, call us today at 321-427-0676 for more information about your pest control options. We offer reliable pest control services in Cocoa, Rockledge and Melbourne, FL.

What kind of bees are causing a problem?

There are many varieties of bees in our area. The ones you're most likely to encounter in or near your Florida home are:

  • Honey bees-These common bees live in large bee "societies" with up to 50,000 bees in one hive. Honey bees thrive year-round but can go dormant during the winter months.
  • Bumblebees-You know those big, slow-moving, furry bees you see buzzing around flowers and shrubs that are low to the ground? Those are bumblebees.
  • Carpenter bees-Carpenter bees are black and don't have a stinger. As the name implies, carpenter bees are all about the wood. They dig and bore their way into wooden structures and can cause structural damage.
Different bee varieties require different removal strategies. There are several natural ways to remove an unwanted colony of bees. Call us today at 321-427-0676 to discuss bee control methods and find the right pest control solution for your Cocoa, FL area home or business.